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Are you an organisation looking to support your d/Deaf client’s communication needs?

We want our d/Deaf community to have as much access as possible to communication either through face to face or video relay British sign language interpreting services. Our platform can connect you to our amazing language service providers who can cover your job requests.

You can easily post a job request onto our platform which will match your needs to the appropriate language service provider*.

Our advice is to pay a fair rate (which is surprisingly not as expensive as many people think) but it means language service providers can start noticing your organisation and making themselves more available for your company.

  • Providing your d/Deaf client with the right sign language specialists
  • Building a positive reputation within the d/Deaf community
  • Stress free management of your bookings

*Language service providers cover the following – Registered Sign Language Interpreter, Trainee Sign Language Interpreter, Notetaker, Deaf Interpreters, Speech to text Reporters, Deafblind Interpreters etc...

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