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We want our community to have as much work as possible and our d/Deaf community to have the best access as possible, reduce wastage of budget but improve communication.

You can use the platform to post work that you may need some extra help with covering e.g. you need to find a suitable language service provider or the request has come in last minute or alternatively you need to find more work for the language specialists you work with, you can find opportunities directly on the platform. At Lingoing 98% of the time we can cover work within 48 hours of being posted, and we are offering you that functionality to help cover and manage your bookings. Our advice is to pay a fair rate (which is surprisingly not as expensive as many people think) but it means language service providers can start noticing your work and making themselves more available for your company.

  • Need a little help with covering last minute requests?
  • Our Sign Language specialists are vetted and qualified
  • Working for your agency to provide excellent communication services

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